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Offering you a wide range of products, with several brands and specs to fulfill your desires. 

Haron computer is engaged in the import, sales, and maintenance of numerous technological gadgets, along with their respective accessories and software packages. 

HP Laptop

Processors:  Core I3

                       Core I5

                       Core  I7


HP Desktop

Processors:  Core I3

                      Core I5

                      Core 17

Dell Laptop

Processors:  Core I3

                       Core I5

                       Core 17

Dell Desktop

Processors:  Core I3

                       Core I5

                       Core 17

HP Scanner

HP Printer

HP Projector

UPS 750

External Hardisk

HP Server

Dell Server

Haron is the sole distributer of the “Farex Cash Register” machine in Ethiopia. It possesses the largest market share of cash registers sales and servicing in the country.  

farex bursztyn plus

Farex Bursztyn PLUS


  • Type – 2 x thermal
  • Roll length – 30 mm
  • Paper width – 28 mm
  • Print speed – 8 lines/ second.


  • PC connection: Yes
  • Flash Drive: Yes
  • Box: Yes
  • Barcode scanner: Option


  • External power supply: DC 7V; 2.8 A
  • Battery: LiIon, type


  • Depth/width/height: 275 x 140 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 1.45 kg

Fiscal cash register


  • Type – 2x termiczny, with the simple replacement of paper easy load
  • Roll length – 30 mm
  • Paper width – 28 mm
  • Print speed 21 lines/ sec.


  • PC connection – Yes
  • Flash Drives – No
  • Box – Yes
  • Barcode scanner – Yes


  • External power supply – 9V, 700mA
  • Battery – 6V, 3Ah battery


  • Depth / width / height – 194 x 215 x 105 mm
  • Weight – 1,5 kg

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