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Experience the full fruity and winey flavors of Ethiopia with our unwashed coffee, which retains the natural fruitiness of the coffee cherry.


Our semi-washed coffee from Ethiopia has a unique earthy flavor profile that is sure to delight coffee lovers looking for something different.


Our washed Ethiopian coffee has a clean and bright flavor profile, perfect for those who prefer a more traditional coffee taste.

"Haron: Celebrating Ethiopia's legendary coffee heritage with every cup of our finest beans sourced exclusively from coffee's birthplace."


Taste of Authenticity

At Haron, we are proud to offer a variety of exceptional coffees from Ethiopia, including unwashed, semi-washed, and washed beans. Each type is carefully selected for its unique flavor profile and packed to perfection, so you can experience the full range of Ethiopian coffee. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices means that you can enjoy your coffee with the knowledge that it was produced with care and respect for the environment and the people who grow it. Choose Haron and discover the authentic taste of Ethiopia in every cup.


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