"From Single Origins to Your Cup, Our Traceable Journey Unlocks the Essence of Perfection. Discover the Pure Taste of Haron's Washed Specialty Coffee."


Always deliver more than expected.

At Haron Coffee, we believe in the power of consistently exceeding your expectations. That's why, beyond our commitment to quality and sustainability, we offer a unique personalized touch. We provide the opportunity to sample our latest arrivals before they hit the market, giving you a sneak peek into our ever-evolving coffee offerings. You can also engage directly with our team and growers through special events and online sessions, forging a deeper connection with our coffee journey. Our goal is to make your coffee experience not just exceptional but truly memorable.

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Quality Services

Professional Services

Tasting Events

Elevate your palate at our exclusive coffee tasting events, where you'll embark on a sensory journey through diverse flavor profiles.

Customized Coffee Selection

Personalize your coffee journey with our curated selection, ensuring your cup matches your unique preferences, down to the last sip.

Expert Coffee Consultancy

Gain insights and refine your coffee mastery with guidance from our seasoned experts, who are passionate about sharing their coffee knowledge.