Sister Companies

Employing an additional 180 individuals, we are involved in the manufacturing of industrial products, along with the manufacturing and export of agro-industrial products.

Dot Pencil

Dot Pencil is the first pencil manufacturing company in the country. It has become an iconic brand within the youth after years of dominating the pencil industry. Fighting the good cause against deforestation, it uses used newspaper to manufacture pencils whilst the help of its employees that comprise of 97% women. On top of it all, the Dot Pencil factory contributes to the current water coverage in the Gelan town, estimated to be 70 percent.

Haron Thermal Paper Manufacturing

We are proudly the first company to produce thermal papers from the recycling of used papers.  We have also helped the Ethiopian tax modernization system by providing such products from local production, which minimizes their foreign currency expenditure of importing it. This venture has sustained the majority of thermal papers required by the country,  specifically for the use case of physical receipts printed by cash registers. 

Haron Plastic Granule Manufacturing

Extending its business into the manufacturing sector, Haron is involved in the manufacturing of raw materials for plastic products (PVC Granules). Due to our high-quality production, it is highly demanded, hence encouraging us to manufacture 24/7 to satisy demand. 

Haron Tea Enterprise

After the privatization from the Government tender call 23 years ago, we have taken over the quality tea processing & packing plant for the local market.  We also have ambitions to export in the coming years, along with our brand-new coffee export business.